Behind the site

Wow, It's amazing you made it here. Since you're interested, let me give you a few details.

I think the web has become too complex and corporate, with few companies controlling too much of the population's access to information and with web experiences becoming essentially the same. For that, I'm trying to go back to the web of my teenage years, with self-hosted content and a hand-written website which isn't embarrassed to include .html in its URLs.

I create this playground on Sublime Text, using Middleman, a static site generator. It allows me to write some logic in Ruby, the most pleasurable programming language I've ever experienced, but keep its deployment exceedingly simple. The files are directly served from Amazon S3, with Amazon Cloudfront, well, in front of it. It costs literally $1.01/month. It's made extra snappy by the delightful Turbolinks JavaScript library.

The design uses Rubik, a modern-yet-human typeface designed by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer.

The illustrations for my articles are all made by myself, using photos found online.