Hi there. I'm Bruno.


I'm a generalist product designer and design leader with a strong product orientation and uniquely pragmatic approach. I thrive in bridging the gap between vision and product, and doing so fast.

I'm currently a designer at Google, working on making Chrome faster, better and more valuable for the next billion internet users. I want to bring the joy of the Web to people whose first (and only) computer is a smartphone.

Before that, I led design and built companies at Expa, bringing to market the first version of consumer applications and creating the companies around them – including Metabase, Operator, Spot and Haus, for which I acted as the first CEO. Before that I was Head of Design at Lookout. And before that I designed and built products at several early stage startups.


Outside of work, you can often find me cycling, watching movies or photographing. I also enjoying reading about Economics, Neuroscience and Evolutionary Biology and listen to an unhealthy amount of podcasts.


I've been trying to organize and share my thoughts with some regularity on Medium. Recent articles: