Hi there.
Bruno here.

I am a company builder who's at his happiest when he's learning.

I love making things, but I'm particularly drawn to challenges around culture, communications, process and people. I'm the most curious about how to build and nurture an organization which consistently kicks butt, using a validation-oriented, design-based approach.

Today I am the VP of Product and Design at Gladly, where we’re helping the best brands in the world build meaningful relationships with their customers through personal, human service. We are always hiring thoughtful product and design people who also share a company-building mindset.

In previous years, I built delightful products and inspiring teams at YouTube, Google, Expa and Lookout.

I’m originally from sunny Rio de Janeiro, but have embraced the fog and called San Francisco home for almost a decade.

You can find me on Twitter, my resume on LinkedIn and get in touch by writing me(at)brunobergher.com.



I have a very analytical, deliberate approach to design, which obviously embraces aesthetics but leaves little room for randomness. Striving for balance, I dabble in generative art to let myself loose and create things just for beauty.

I’m definitely not there yet, but in the meantime I share my explorations on Instagram and Ello.