Hi there. I'm Bruno.


I'm a systems thinker. Give me a pattern and I'll give you a framework. Give me a framework and I'll give you a smile. I've always had a passion for making things, but most notably things that function, things you use, rather than admire. That's how I approach my craft – be it making interactions flows performing and extensible, structuring the most efficient approach for a project or defining an effective interview process.

Leading teams and working as a Product Designer for the past several years has allowed me to exercise and nurture this passion, scaling it to companies and large audiences.

I live in San Francisco with my lovely, talented wife, our adorable baby daughter and the cutest dog in the world.


I'm undoubtedly a generalist, and love to learn new skills as I need them. This allows me to engage in projects through all phases, and has also proven itself extremely valuable when leading people: I can confidently manage functions (such as UX Research and Communication Design) which don't directly overlap with my specialty as a Product Designer.

Attributes I'd highlight:


I've spent plenty of time trying to identify what seems to be the best foundation for success in design, other than an empowering process. Today, these seem the most valuable to me:


I try to keep a fairly up to date resume on LinkedIn.